The Reasons Why We Recommend Frequent Drain Cleaning

Mission Viejo drain cleaning by top-rated, local plumbers 24/7In many ways drain cleaning to Mission Viejo residents is a lot like annual air conditioner maintenance. Will your plumbing or AC work if you don’t have it inspected and maintained annually? More than likely not. Are you causing yourself a world of headaches each year you put off a call to Mission Viejo Best Plumbing? Without a doubt.

An annual drain cleaning of your home’s plumbing system may seem like overkill or at the very least an unnecessary overhead expense but the truth is contracting our service really does pay you back in the long and short run. Simply put, there may be issues developing within your pipes that are basically hidden. You can notice your AC start to bang when it develops problems, but you aren’t going to hear grease and hair building up in your pipes or a tree root slowly make its way through your septic line. Here is why we recommend professional drain cleaning on a very regular basis:

Almost Everything Can Clog Your Drains

If it isn’t water, it has the potential to build up in your pipes. This doesn’t just go for the entire chicken that tries to fit in the garbage disposal or the baby diaper flushed down the toilet, it means hair, skin cells, dead insects, engagement rings, and many other things that you are almost unaware of.

Slow Drains are More Than Just a Nuisance

So your sink doesn’t empty as fast as you’d like, no big deal right? Well there are two things wrong with that statement. One, a slow drain means there is a significant problem developing in your pipes that will likely only continue to get worse. Second, backed up stagnant water can attract bacteria, insects, and leave a foul aroma in your home.

Drain Cleaning Helps Identify Problems

When Mission Viejo Best Plumbing performs an annual drain cleaning, it is also a form of maintenance and inspection. It’s at this time that we can run our cameras through your pipes to identify any corrosion, cracks, tree roots, and other issues forming now or causing problems down the line. It’s this peace of mind alone that makes our service so valuable.

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