Property Owners Have Better Options for Clogged Drains

Clogged toilets, blocked sinks, and obstructed sewer lines are problems that property owners face every day. Small clogs can usually be fixed using a plunger, but what about those large clogs that won’t budget? When faced with stubborn clogs, it’s not uncommon for property owners to purchase chemical drain cleaners.

Homeowners and businesses are looking for drain cleaning options that get rid of clogged pipes quickly. Often, people think their only option for fast, cheap relief is a store-bought chemical drain cleaner. While the initial results may be satisfactory, repeated usage of chemical cleaners can lead to pipe corrosion, leaks, and flooding.

These products may get results, but at what costs?

The licensed plumbing professionals at Mission Viejo Best Plumbing offer safer, more effective options.

Hydro-Jetting Is the Better Option

Repeated drain clogs can happen for several reasons. These reasons include the following:

• Poor flushing habits
• Rinsing grease and cooking fats down the kitchen sink
• Aging pipes
• Misaligned pipes or other structural problems

But what are people to do when they’re doing everything right and clogs continue to come back?

Sometimes recurring clogs happen because the original clog was never fully cleared. Gunk may have attached to the side of the pipes that a plunger cannot clean. Often, homeowners will use a residential drain snake tool to alleviate blockage, which essentially creates a hole through the clog to allow water to pass. Eventually, though, the clog will return as that hole is refilled with small particles of waste or other inorganic material.

That is why professional plumbers in Mission Viejo, CA, prefer hydro-jetting.

Hydro-jetting is a motorized drain cleaning method that uses a high-pressure water stream of scalding hot water to scour the pipes.

When our professional plumbers use hydro-jetting, our customers’ pipes are cleaner than the day they were installed. With proper care and usage, it’s unlikely that clogs will return again and again.

Can Hydro-jetting Equipment Be Purchased by the General Public?

Unfortunately, this isn’t an option. Or, at least, it’s not a good option. During the hydro-jetting process, water is blasted from the device at 7,000 psi. Only professional, licensed technicians should use this tool. If someone uses a hydro-jetting tool without the right training, injury could occur and damage to piping is likely.

Besides it’s much cheaper to hire a plumber in Mission Viejo to hydro-jet your pipes than to purchase a professional grade machine.

Do You Need Drain Cleaning Service

Stop living with clogged drains. Call Mission Viejo Best Plumbing for affordable drain cleaning services today!

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